At tatras, we believe that the technological advances can be used not only in making the businesses better but have varied applications in the areas of education, public policy, health etc. that can actually help society for the better, in functioning more efficiently.

That’s why Tatras is the founding member of Sabudh foundation. In association with the Punjab Government, Sabudh Foundation has formed the Centre for Data Science for Social Good.

The center provides training to  budding data scientists to work on real social problems, to create a real change in the society.

They are mentored by leading data scientists in the industry and academia.

The projects we are doing for social good are below:

Traffic Management

Sabudh has signed Mou with Punjab Traffic Police to work together to build innovative solutions for traffic control and management. Sabudh has database of accidents across Punjab, videos from the cctv footage across Ludhiana and audio recordings from emergency call center in Punjab for stress detection from the speech.

With the analysis of this data and the use of machine learning and AI we aim to develop intelligent solutions to issues of road safety and traffic control leading efficient policing of our roads.

Precision Farming

We are using AI to detect early signs of disease by using drone for Ariel images which coordinates with a hand held device.  The drones and their own multispectral sensors, as well as developing tools to train a computer program to analyse the images and classify them based on disease progression.

The pesticides are then sprayed on the affected crops using the drones to prevent harm leading to higher crop yield.

Smart Buildings

We’re working on building smart buildings using IoT that will have sensors and automation that will provide comfort and manage energy usage.  In partneship with STPI we aim to make the green buildings greener.


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