Partner with Tatras Data

Tatras Data’s experienced AI/ML specialists provide founders and their teams the resources and skills needed to rapidly develop innovative IP and scale projects effectively.

The Market Problem

Firms accelerating out of early-stage startup success can lack the necessary infrastructure and technical skills required to scale and meet their existing market opportunity. This is particularly true of firms that require cutting edge Data Science and AI/ML skills to differentiate and build valuable intellectual property.

The Tatras Solution

Partnering with the Tatras Data Data/AI/ML swat team empowers early-stage growth firms with the experience and resources necessary to meet the needs of their market opportunity at scale, without hiring long-term employees. Our depth of skills empower clients to meet their business goals at scale.

Strategic Technology Partners

Our Services

Strategic Consulting

We translate a founder’s business vision into development roadmaps, emphasizing short- and long-term gains.

Implementation Services

Our highly experienced professionals offset internal client skills to accelerate development and provide cost efficiencies.

IP Development

Clients leverage our deep skills, experience, and proven process to accelerate time to market and create technology differential.

Our FREE discovery engagement sets the stage for client success.

What to expect:

  • Management Discovery Sessions
  • Gap Analysis Identification
  • Technology Roadmapping
  • Gap Analysis Identification
  • Discovery Report
  • Development Timelines/Cost




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